Regnum RTA

REG. No. : INR000004316

What The Term Stamp Duty Calculator Elaborates?

The depositories, under Regnum RTA, are responsible for collecting stamp duty from the issuer as per clause (c) of sub-section (1) of Section 9A. This collection is mandatory when new securities are created or when changes occur in the depository records. It must be completed before any transactions take place within the depository system.

When securities are issued, the issuer is required to submit an allotment list to the depository for initial or further issues of securities, private placements, or purchases made after open offers, tender offers, or offers for sale. This list is submitted at the time of securities allotment.

Stamp duty will not be collected by the depository for the generation or destruction of securities due to corporate actions, such as stock splits, stock consolidations, mergers, and acquisitions, or similar actions, if there is no change in beneficial ownership. However, if a fresh issue is made to an investor as part of a corporate action, stamp duty will apply.

For transactions resulting from tender offers, open offers, offers for sale, or private placements conducted via a depository, stamp duty will be levied from the offeror based on the market value of the securities being acquired or sold, at the offer price, once the offer is successfully made.

In the case of the acquisition of shares of minority shareholders by majority shareholders under Section 236 of the Companies Act, 2013, facilitated through a corporate action, the depository will collect stamp duty from the issuer instead of the transferor.

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