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Our Services

Regnum RTA is your one-stop solution for a spectrum of services, encompassing seamless company formation, meticulous regulatory compliance, and strategic advisory. Elevate your business with our comprehensive RTA services, ensuring a smooth and successful trajectory from inception to sustained growth

Highly Dedicated RTA Services Providing Company in India

Our Services

Regnum RTA has expanded traditional securities through innovation in response to customer needs. We provide highly relevant compliance solutions by understanding the unique situations and targets of our clients. Our commitment to innovation in RTA services aligns with industry standards, emphasizing the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements.


As a leading RTA organization, Regnum RTA boasts a professional infrastructure capable of handling all associated tasks related to Registrar & Transfer Agent Services. Our comprehensive range of facilities ensures that clients receive the most relevant and valuable services. Regnum RTA, dedicated to Registrar Transfer Agency Services, is actively involved in managing critical administration tasks related to securities on behalf of issuers.

Our extensive list of services includes ISIN Generation, the creation of a unique code for identifying specific securities, as well as the dematerialization of securities through CDSL/NSDL depositories. We also offer a range of basic to advanced-level Corporate actions. Regnum RTA has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable Registrar and Share Transfer Agents in the country, catering to clients across various sectors. Our team of responsible members is ready to provide top-notch services and assistance to meet your specific needs.

RTA Services for Unlisted Companies and Professionals

Regnum RTA provides the most pertinent support by focusing on understanding the client’s needs. This indicates our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions to meet the client’s requirements. Our company is actively involved in offering a range of Registrar transfer services, for which we have dedicated professional teams ensuring compliance.

Security Dematerialization Via Depository (Both NSDL And CDSL)

Transform physical certificates into electronic format via dematerialization with NSDL and CDSL depositories. Securely own your securities in a demat account.

Payout of Dividend / Interest Having ECS Transfers​

Seamlessly receive dividends/interest with ECS transfers, reducing risks like loss in transit, fraudulent encashment, and postal delays. SEBI mandates exclusive dividend distribution through ECS.

Expertise in Investor Record Keeping and Securities Transfer

Efficiently manage investor records and securities transfers with expert oversight. Streamline transactions, purchases, sales, mail processing, and personal information updates for optimal cost and time effectiveness.

Revalidation of Dividend

Streamline dividend revalidation through dematerialization, converting physical certificates to electronic format in a demat account. Secure ownership as the beneficial investor.

Inquiry Handling Via Phone, Mail & Online

Efficiently handle inquiries via helpline, online, phone, fax, and mail channels. Prompt responses and guidance for investors through various communication methods.

Investor Regulatory Reporting

Efficiently manage comprehensive investor data for effective regulatory reporting, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and seamless compliance processes.

Reporting, Mailing and Meeting Services for Investor

Comprehensive RTA services, guiding transfer and dematerialization reporting, mailing services, and facilitating interactive meetings for investor benefit discussions.

Share Transfer Certificate

Facilitate physical share certificate transfer via RTA services. Submit SH-4 form, transfer deed, and certificate for processing. Upon approval, transferee's name is officially added to the register.

Duplicate Share Certificate

To obtain a duplicate share certificate if lost, submit an affidavit, FIR copy, surety form, and other necessary documents. Navigate the process seamlessly with the required documentation.

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report (For Form-PAS-6)

For compliance with unlisted public companies' half-yearly requirement, we provide PAS-6 (Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report) solutions, ensuring adherence to regulations.

IEPF Claim settlement

Reclaim unclaimed amounts from IEPF effortlessly. Use Form No. IEPF-5 to apply for refunds and shares from Investor Education and Protection Fund, available in our 'Forms Download' section.

Change of Name/Name Deletion/Transposition/Transmi-ssion

Transmission: Transfer of title by law. Request forms available in 'Forms Download' section for name change, deletion, and transposition.

Signature and Address Change​

To update the investor's signature, a duly filled affidavit in the prescribed format must be submitted, accompanied by the banker's verification of the specimen signature. Both required formats can be found in the "Forms Download" section.

Regnum RTA Login-dashboard Panel Services for Companies

Regnum RTA’s login dashboard offers registered companies immediate access to beneficial ownership records, invoice management, ISIN letter generation, and shareholding details. It streamlines financial oversight, compliance, and document management, ensuring efficient operations and well-informed decision-making.

REGNUM RTA Multiple Companies Panel Login Services for Professionals

The login dashboard provides specific access privileges for professionals, including Chartered Accountants (CAs), Company Secretaries (CS), and other experts associated with various client companies under Regnum RTA. This robust system ensures a tailored and efficient experience for each user category. Professionals can seamlessly manage the records of multiple clients through a single login, streamlining their workflow. Additionally, the dashboard intelligently displays information and features specific to the respective company the professional is affiliated with, enhancing productivity and reducing complexity in their daily tasks.

Necessary FAQs About Regnum RTA Services

Financial intermediaries, recognized as RTAs (Registrar and Transfer Agents), support professionals and unlisted companies in handling their shares and securities. Share registry maintenance, share transfers, dividend distribution, security issuance and allocation, and regulatory compliance are all examples of Regnum RTA Services.
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Registrar and Transfer Agent can provide various benefits to professionals and unlisted businesses. Regnum RTA aids clients by ensuring regulatory compliance, facilitating prompt share transfers, enabling efficient dividend distribution, and maintaining precise ownership and securities information. This approach allows businesses and professionals to save time and effort.
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Managing shares, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating share transactions can be challenging for unlisted businesses and individuals. Regnum RTA addresses these challenges by offering effective and secure solutions for maintaining share registers, ensuring regulatory compliance, and facilitating share transactions.

Depending on the service sought, several types of documentation may be needed for RTA-related services. The memorandum and articles of organisation for the company, a board resolution, a PAN card, and other identification verification documents are among the paperwork that unlisted enterprises and professionals must submit. To ensure the precise papers needed, check with the RTA service provider.

Regnum RTA service uses a number of security measures to protect the confidentiality and security of sensitive information of unlisted businesses and professions. Examples of these methods include safe data centres, data encryption during transmission, secure login procedures, and controlled access to information. In addition to adhering to statutory requirements and industry best practices, RTA service providers ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Yes, only Regnum RTA provides a login dashboard facility for both professionals and clients. Other RTAs do not offer this feature.

Yes, professionals can track the records of multiple clients using a single login. Once logged in, professionals can navigate between different client profiles and access their respective information.

Yes, you can download complete RTA forms from the website.